Why is “USDA Organic Certification” very important for CBD product?

by Clarence Hui

All food supplements and CBD products need to be taken daily or over a long period of time, in order to have notable results and retain effectiveness. Because of the long term consumption,  for health and safety, one may want to be cautious with products not made of USDA (United Stated Department of Agriculture)Certified Organic ingredients, as their product quality or authenticity may not be subject to any assurance standards governed by official authorities.


The USDA has strict guidelines for the cultivation of organic crops.  The USDA guidelines prohibit the use of most synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, genetically engineered organisms, etc., and also specifically address environmental factors such as air, water, and soils. First, the cultivated land should not be located near any atmospheric pollution sources.  The ambient air must meet the GB3095 air quality standards. Secondly, organic farming irrigation systems must be kept separate from conventional fields with effective isolation measures in place; and the irrigation water quality must meet the GB5084 farmland irrigation standards. Third, to ensure crop soil quality, no prohibited substances including heavy metals and other toxic or hazardous substances can be applied  for 36 months prior to harvest. Before farming, any newly reclaimed land (even if it has never been used for agricultural, industrial or residential purposes) must go through a 12-month observation period and meet all the relevant standards. 



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